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Accessory Equipment

We provide all-in-one solutions. Our product range, therefore, not only consists of digital roll and flatbed printers but also includes a great variety of accessory machinery and equipment for pre- and post-printing processes. 


Our DP-RIP-STATION is a reliable high-performance hardware platform with standardised default settings specifically adapted to your individual direct printing solution. It ensures trouble-free communication between the printer and the pre-installed individually configured RIP software. 

The idea behind our RIP-STATION is to control each printer within the production site from a computer that is specifically[ adapted to the requirements of the production on that particular printing system. Controlling several printing systems from just one PC carries a high level of risk which could ultimately stop the entire production line. Hence, if each printing system is controlled by an individual RIPSTATION, the overall system’s availability cannot be compromised. Hotfolders within the RIP software allow the data transfer from existing workflow environments.

Colour measurement systems

Printing with different ink types on varying materials has an impact on the inkjet printer’s colour reproduction accuracy. In addition, printing speed, print resolution, ink droplet size, banding minimizing algorithms and bi-directional printing can have an influence on the print result. Today, digital printing without colour adaption, through colour management with ICC profiles, is unimaginable. 

Precise measuring equipment, such as the spectral photometers developed and produced by companies like Barbieri electronic and X-Rite, allows creation of precise ICC colour profiles thereby enabling highly accurate special colour reproduction or reliable colour stability controlling during production. These reasonably priced, professional high-end devices can be combined with profiling and quality control tools included in several of the RIP software solutions we offer. 

If you are interested in creating individual colour profiles yourself and in-house, we can provide you with the necessary specialty equipment and software as well as corresponding training. Please contact our colour management experts to arrange an appointment for a colour management workshop at your premises.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment can be used to improve the adhesion of the inks on certain materials, such as plastic surfaces.

Please find detailed information about various different surface treatments here.

Anodic printing equipment

We offer several types of printable anodic aluminium sheets with up to 700 x 1300 mm. Detailed information and prices will be provided upon request.

Curing units

65 years of permanent development work, as well as numerous amounts of feedback from practical experience, are embodied in each of memmert’s heating ovens. The fittings of the heating and drying ovens are practically-oriented, their programme functions are designed for a wide variety of applications and, even when used intensively, the allrounders made of stainless steel lose nothing in shine or in reliability.

From 32 models, expandable with convenient, approved and tested accessories, you will easily find the heating oven ideally suited to your needs. According to your application the two model versions SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY meet all requirements of thermal safety, precision and quality assurance. 

Details and prices regarding individual models will be provided upon request.

Vacuum forming with Flexomate

Our small-format Flexomate vacuum formers are compact, easy to control machines with quick-response quartz emitters. Quartz elements have very low energy consumption and as a result are environmentally friendly and durable. Using the most up to date vacuum forming technology, our Flexomates offer high performance that is most often found in larger devices. Depending on the model, the vacuum formers are equipped with a touch screen panel with PLC control and memory space. The display is well-structured and user-friendly.