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Ensuring colour accuracy

Printing with different ink types on varying materials has an impact on the inkjet printer’s colour reproduction accuracy. In addition, printing speed, print resolution, ink droplet size, banding minimizing algorithms and bi-directional printing can have an influence on the print result.

Today, digital printing without colour adaption, through colour management with ICC profiles, is unimaginable. Precise measuring equipment, such as the spectral photometers developed and produced by companies like Barbieri electronic and X-Rite, allows creation of precise ICC colour profiles thereby enabling highly accurate special colour reproduction or reliable colour stability controlling during production. These reasonably priced, professional high-end devices can be combined with profiling and quality control tools included in several of the RIP software solutions we offer.

If you are interested in creating individual colour profiles yourself and in-house, we can provide you with the necessary specialty equipment and software as well as corresponding training. Please contact our colour management experts to arrange an appointment for a colour management workshop at your premises.