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Digital Film Production

Digital printing can certainly not fully replace conventional printing methods. However, it can optimise them in specific production areas. For example, digital film production with the leading ColorGATE RIP software, Filmgate, is the most user-friendly in-house solution for screen, pad, flexo and offset printing businesses.

The digital film is produced on demand in chemical-free daylight production on customary Epson inkjet printers with original Epson inks. In addition to short response times and low production costs, digital film production removes the need for acquisition and disposal of chemicals, the use of exposure units and the loss of time due to outsourcing.

As well as the above mentioned advantages, the use of original Epson inks allows processing of special applications, such as digital film production, as well as standard jobs like fineart and photo prints.

The accuracy of the print results is based on the correct choice of printer model. Not every Epson printer creates the same results on your films. We will gladly point out the optimal solution for your specific application and are happy to provide you with sample prints upon request.

Your advantages:

  • Completely chemical-free
  • Low consumption costs
  • Nearly immediate post-printing processing
  • Short response times
  • High flexibility

The process:

  1. Data editing
  2. Loading and automatic processing of the
    print job via hotfolder
  3. Printing on special screen film using an
    Epson inkjet printer
  4. Post-printing processing after a short
    drying period