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Due to the highly efficient processing of small batches and single items with the DP-UV-3403, we are now able to offer an even wider product range to our customers. 
Prägetechnik Bechinger GmbH & Co. KG


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With 300 mm variable height adjustment our special DP-UV printer series is way ahead of the conventional UV-LED flatbed printers. Innovative UV-LED technology can now finally be used for processing media that is higher than 150 mm. 

The integrated ionisation unit neutralises static charges which sometimes occur on the media’s surface. This charge balancing prevents the risk of cloud formation around the motif and instead guarantees accurate and sharp contours. Once set up, the ionisation unit automatically adjusts to the charge strength of every print run.

DP-UV printer models can be equipped with different UV ink types and thereby allow processing of rigid and flexible substrates. LF-140 inks are up to 140% stretchable and can therefore be printed on all kinds of flexible materials such as key pads or thermoformable plastic sheets. The integrated white-circulation-system prevents the settling of white pigments in the ink lines. This avoids time-consuming and cost-intensive cleaning procedures and production failures.

Both the LH-100 inks for rigid media and the LF-140 inks for flexible substrates are available in 220 ml cartridges or in 600 ml eco cases with refill bags. Using eco cases saves 35 % ink costs compared to standard cartridges.

Your advantages:

  • Innovative UV-LED-technology
  • 300 mm stepless height adjustment
  • Prints White and CMYK in one run
  • Inks are cured during printing
  • Integrated ionisation unit (optional)
  • Additional primer printhead (model-dependent)
  DP-UV-3403 DP-UV-3404 DP-UV-6404
Technology UV-LED-Inkjet UV-LED-Inkjet UV-LED-Inkjet
Max. resolution 1440 x 1200 dpi 1440 x 1200 dpi 1800 x 1800 dpi
Max. number of colours 6 8 8
Max. printing speed up to 1,25 m2/h (prod. settings) up to 1,25 m2/h (prod. settings) up to 2,8 m2/h (prod. settings)
Max. printing speed 300 x 420 mm 300 x 420 mm 610 x 420 mm
Max. height adjustment 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Software RIP RIP RIP
Weight 240 kg 260 kg 300 kg
Dimensions 1200 x 970 x 1500 mm 1200 x 970 x 1500 mm 1200 x 970 x 1500 mm