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At times, e.g. during the Christmas season, our 6 Freejets run 24/7 (3 shifts per day) for several weeks and have proven to be very resilient and reliable.

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In 2005 we introduced the first Freejet 290 digital flatbed printer. Since then the models Freejet 320, Freejet 320+, Freejet 330, Freejet 300HS, Freejet 500HS, the corresponding direct-to-garment models and lastly this summer the Freejet 330UV* followed. With our help the model range has been continuously refined. In spring 2013 we were appointed European importer general for Freejet flatbed direct printing systems.

The Freejet is recognized as a reliable, reasonably priced entry-level printer. Combined with our diverse ink assortment this compact allrounder has become established in many different fields and is today used for processing gifts, merchandising items and industrial products.

All Freejet models easily fit into even the smallest work environments. They are easy to operate and create high-resolution images on a great variety of substrates. Thanks to the variable height adjustment of the printing table which extends to 110 mm, even high or very thick items can be directly printed on. The Freejet’s refillable bulk ink tanks are located at the back of the printing bridge. Thanks to their wide opening, they can be refilled without spilling. Together with the clips on the ink lines leading into the printhead, the manual cleaning unit which is also attached to the bridge has proven to be the ideal tool for cleaning individual ink lines.

In order to be able to deliver multiple Freejets immediately to our European resellers, we permanently stock about 30 machines along with a comprehensive range of consumables and spare parts.

Your advantages:

  • 110 mm hight-adjustable printing bridge
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact design
  • Easily refillable bulk ink tanks
  • Suitable for advertising and industrial applications

Technology Piezo-Inkjet Piezo-Inkjet IR Piezo-Inkjet IR
Max. number of colours 8 8 8
Max. resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi 5760 x 1440 dpi 2880 x 1440 dpi
Max. printing speed bis zu 1,0 m²/h bis zu 1,0 m²/h bis zu 1,0 m²/h
Max. printing area 323 x 535 mm 323 x 535 mm 432 x 740 mm
Max. height adjustment 110 mm 110 mm 110 mm
Software Std. graphics programme Std. graphics programme Std. graphics programme
Dimensions 640 x 1065 x 460 mm 640 x 1065 x 460 mm 900 x 1700 x 560 mm
Weight 75 kg 90 kg 140 kg