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 The next logical step for us was to adopt digital direct printing, taking our screen and anodic printing production up to another level.
 Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Metall Processing

Today, metals can be processed quickly, easily and cost-effectively due to the technology changes in the printing industry and especially to the digitalisation in this field. 

In addition to digital anodic printing with Direct-One all-purpose inks we also provide individual printing solutions for the processing of coated metals with our thermal-curing Think-2 inks.

Digital anodic printing on aluminium

In 2009 digital direct printing using solvent-based Direct-One all-purpose inks on open-pored aluminium revolutionised anodic printing. The comparatively low acquisition and maintenance costs as well as the small consumption costs of digital direct printing systems make digital anodic printing ideal for fast and cost-effective production of multi-colour, high resolution industrial, type and promotional signs.

Anodic printing is a process of surface finishing for specially treated aluminium. The initially open-pored anodized shield layer of the aluminium plate is printed on directly and sealed in a hot-water-bath at about 97°C. The temperature in this so-called sealing tank induces the voluminous extension of the plate’s surface and thus the sealing of the open-pored layer. As a result of this process the embedded print is extremely resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal stress. Even graffiti can be removed without harming the print.

For external and industrial internal areas

With no pre-treatment required and unrivalled in terms of both price and quality across the market: using digital direct printing you can multi-colour inscribe and label steel, aluminium and other metals in just one print run.

The printing data is created or processed using a standard graphics programme or a RIP-software. With up to 14 m2/h single or multi-colour motifs are printed on the metal’s surface. Despite the high print speed, you will definitely be impressed with the resulting clear contours and the vibrant colours especially for filigree motifs, fine lines or the smallest type size. Within minutes the water-based specialist inks are cured on the material at min. 120°C.

This process guarantees optimal resistance of the print against UV rays, weather conditions, alcohol, oil and acetone. The printed items are suitable for use in external and industrial internal areas.

Your advantages:

  • No initial costs
  • On-demand production
  • Short set-up and response times
  • Independence from external providers
  • Multi-coloured prints, serialisation and individual items without extra costs