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The Viper XPT works quickly and reliably and is very easy to operate. A really time-saving and clean alternative to manual pretreating even when processing single shirts. 

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Simple, neat and fast

”VIPER“ is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to spend time on manual pre-treatment of coloured or black fabrics. Exactly right if you don’t want to leave the consistency of primer application and the associated wash resistance of your printing to chance.

Both the smaller and lighter VIPER ONE as well as the larger VIPER XPT-6000 are unbelievably easy and comfortable to use. Both machines guarantee consistent, uniform primer application from the first to the last shirt – all without spray formation.

The VIPER XPT-6000 functions are controlled using the multilingual touchscreen. The position and size of the pray area and the required amount of primer can be set by fingertip. By simply pressing a button the spraying process is performed within seconds. The cleaning of the lines is an automatic process. An excellent and rofessional solution for both small and large jobs. 

With it’s compact format and weighing no more than 22 kg, the new and inexpensive VIPER ONE can easily be integrated into small spaces and therefore is particularly relevant for smaller print and copy shops with a limited amount of available space. The spraying process of this compressed air operated pre-treatment system is started using an analogue press button. Within seconds the spray nozzle, fixed in the middle of the machine, delivers the specified amount of primer onto the garment.

Your advantages:

  • High-speed operation
  • Homogeneous application of primer
  • No spray formation
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean

Simple, neat and fast

Mechanical high-speed pre-treatment of garments

  Viper XPT-6000
Max. spraying zone 430 x 490 mm
No. of spray heads 6
Control elektrical
Compressed air needed no
Power supply 230 V
Dimensions 895 x 1010 x 432 mm
Weight 63,5 kg