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Welcome to the world of digital direct printing!

Digital direct printing is a highly professional yet easily learnt method to process a nearly unlimited number of different
materials and products. "Relevant Topics" provides basic background information about this innovative printing technology
in which we specialise.

Direct Printing Know-How

About 7 years ago, flatbed direct printers were mainly used for the processing of advertising materials. Today, they are used in various industrial fields as well. And why is that? Find out more 


Colour Management

Colour management describes a standardised colour conversion process which ensures the conformity of image data through both the input and output device. Learn more

Surface Treatment

In order to meet stringent industrial requirements, reliable adhesion between the inks and the many different substrates has to be ensured. And this is how it is done. Read more


The market has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to create all-over prints on cylindrical products. The Japanese printer producer Mimaki reacted to this gap in the market. Learn more

Metal Processing

Digital direct printing has become an important tool in metal processing sectors ensuring better print quality than any other printing method both on and underneath the metal's surface. Find out more


Plastics Processing

Digital direct flatbed printing provides countless possibilities for labeling and decorating an almost unlimited variety of flexible and rigid materials.  Read more

Digital Film Production

Digital film production with the leading ColorGATE RIP software, Filmgate, is the most user-friendly in-house solution for screen, pad, flexo and offset printing businesses.  Learn more

Vacuum Transfer

Do you need to process a nearly unlimited variety of different plastic components? No problem with this newly advanced transfer method.  Learn more