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Our service portfolio

We are process developers and facilitators, always aiming to build a close long-term relationship with our valued customers. Consequently, we attach the utmost importance to the high quality of our pre- and post-sale support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require detailed information about one or the other specific topic.

Free sampling

We offer a wide range of machines and special ink and provide ready-made print samples for you for standard applications, such as printed foot rules, rulers etc. In order that we can also put together a suitable printing solution for individual requirements, we carry out detailed printing tests on the substrates provided by you in advance.

In order for the tests to be as comprehensive as possible, we ask you to provide a sufficient quantity of product samples (at least 5 identical parts). For meaningful results, we also require high resolution CMYK print data with at least 300 dpi or 600 dpi for line drawings in a print-ready PDF file. Alternatively, vector data can also be used in an open graphic file. Fonts must be converted to curves or paths.

Product presentation

A direct printing system is not something you buy off the shelf. The contents of our website, our print media as well as the freely available manufacturer’s instructions are only intended to provide non-binding information and are no substitute for the application advice by our staff. We'd like to invite you to visit us for a personal consultation with subsequent product presentation at our premises in Renchen.

Our demo rooms are permanently equipped with over 20 latest-generation digital roll and flat bed printers. This offers you several advantages: 1. You will get to know the wide performance range of digital printing and digital direct printing in a very short time. 2. If no product tests were undertaken in advance of your visit, various printing options (if necessary also with various pre-and post-treatment options) can be tried out during your demo appointment. 3. Our team knows these devices inside and out – no matter whether they are flatbed or roll, solid or textile, original or modified printers.

Take advantage of the wide range of possibilities offered by our machines and let us help you find the right printing solution for your application.

Consulting & Workshops

We offer customer-specific appoint-ments for workflow optimisation in your production environment. These training courses are conducted by our specialists for printing and colour management and can either be undertaken as individual or group training.

An on-site consulting appointment offers several advantages. The training contents are strongly practice-oriented and based on the individual requirements of your production environment. The content and scope of training is based on the level of knowledge and skills of the participants. The imparted knowledge can be applied directly and therefore reinforced using practical exercises on your own devices. Workflows can be checked and optimised if necessary on request in the course of production support. 

In addition to the reinforcement and repetition of training content on the day of installation, our preliminary on-site workshops can be used for training, for example, on efficiency by means of in-house colour management, surface activation or the use of software for process control.

Short response and delivery times

As sales and service partner of the machine manufacturers Epson and Mimaki, we are authorised to perform repair and maintenance work on original equipment. Our extensive ink and spare parts warehouse guarantees short response and delivery times. Thanks to our service team of 8 employees and a correspondingly large number of response vehicles, help can be provided on site at short notice, if necessary.

We have all standard roll and flat bed printers on stock. The production of our custom machines can, depending on order volume, take a few weeks. As a European general, we permanently hold large numbers of Freejet flatbed direct printers. The rapid delivery of even more devices to our German customers, as well as our resellers in Europe, is therefore ensured at all times.


We grant a one-year bring-in-warranty for new and used printing systems. I.e. that electronic and mechanical parts as well as non-ink-leading parts will be replaced free of charge on our premises within the first year after purchase. Please note that print head, dampers and tubes are excluded from the warranty.

The bring-in-warranty covers all costs arising for repair work and spare parts (if not explicitly excluded from the warranty). Bring-In, in particular, means that the defective machine needs to be returned to our premises for servicing purposes.

Please note that any transportation and transportation-related costs are excluded from this warranty and need to be paid by the customer. Upon request, we arrange for shipment through our forwarding agent. In any case you will be provided with a shipping check list referring to appropriate packaging etc.

On-site service

Upon request, we service and repair your printing systems on your premises throughout Europe. The costs arising for this on-site service are based on the extent of the repair work as well as on the physical distance. If the service can be planned in advance we can include your appointment into our installation and servicing schedule. By combining several appointments into one service tour, the call-out fee for each individual client can be reduced remarkably.

In addition to that, we are located nearby the four airports Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Basel and Strasbourg. If needed, this allows us to be with you at short notice, no matter if your business is located in Germany or abroad.

Service and maintenance contracts

Tightly controlled maintenance intervals help to maintain the value and prolong the life of your digital printing system. That’s why many machine manu-facturers make provisions regarding the frequency of maintenance and testing of devices. 

Part of our free service is to remind you of these dates and to schedule a maintenance appointment with you upon request. Alternatively, we offer various optional service and maintenance contracts tailored to your individual needs. The selected type of contract regulates such areas as the frequency and scope of on-site checks, the supply of spare parts, response times by our service team and extended warranty, such as extended runtimes or similar.

The conclusion of a service and maintenance contract provides security, transparency and calculable costs. Regular equipment inspections carried out over the year by our specialised personnel support the smooth flow of production and minimise wear and tear as well as signs of aging that may be caused by inaccurate or insufficient care in daily operation.

Capping station subscription

Experience has shown us that regular maintenance of a printing system ensures that the print quality is maintained in the long run and prevents potential production downtime and unnecessary costs. Especially when solvent-based inks are involved, for example, spare parts like the printer’s capping station need to be replaced at specific intervals.

With our so-called “Capping Subscription” we offer you a service which monitors these intervals for you and we then contact you in due time to inform you about the necessary replacement of the capping station. As a subscriber of the above-mentioned service, you receive the capping station at a reduced price. Furthermore, delivery within Germany is free of charge, whether you only need the capping station or additional spare parts and consumables shipped as well.

In addition to this we also remind you of the yearly maintenance of your printing system by putting an inspection sticker on your machine that recommends when the next service is due. This allows you to arrange an appointment in time and avoids standby times.

Product safety (REACH/RoHS)

We attach a great deal of importance to the safety of our products. The electrical and electronical components in our assortment comply with the RoHS guideline for the restriction of usage of specific hazardous substances. 

All our inks comply with the requirements of the REACH regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006. In general, our products are free from substances listed in the SVHC-list (Substances of Very High Concern). They are regularly monitored in accordance with Art. 59 paragraph 1 and 10 as well as Art. 33. Our well-trained product safety specialists cater for the compliance with the various different guidelines and regulations and let you know immediately in the case of alterations or updates (alteration of material or components).

Upon request, we can provide you with contact information for testing institutes that examine your digitally printed product in accordance with your specific requirements, for example according to DIN EN 71 part 3 (German safety standard for toys).

In addition to this we can provide you with material safety data sheets and advise you about contents, possible hazards, handling matters, storage, disposal etc. of devices and substances.

Use our extensive know-how to your advantage.

Returns and disposal of ink waste

Ink waste must be disposed of properly with proof of disposal. As our customer you can request a 5-litre empty container for the storage of this waste. We will collect the full container and empty cartridges during your next service appointment and dispose of them properly. You will receive a new container in exchange. This service is performed free of charge and without obligation.