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Solid Matter Direct Printing

Digital printing is a comparatively easy-to-learn process. Please find various different flatbed printers as well as a great variety of corresponding specialty inks as follows.

Should you have questions or would like to learn more about digital printing and digital direct printing please contact us.

Direct printing inks

We currently provide 8 specialty direct printing inks allowing processing of a great variety of materials. A comprehensive testing phase will reveal which ink type is the best for your particular application. Learn more


All Freejet printer models can easily be integrated in any work environment. They are easy to operate and produce high-resolution picture quality on a variety of different materials. 

Product details

Motionjet Pro Plus-Series

Faster, bigger, better ... The new Motionjet generation is now available and comes along with multiple new features.

Product details


Innovative UV-LED technology can now finally be used for processing media that is higher than 150mm. Product details


We offer curing units, anodic printing equipment, vacuum formers, spectral photometers and other accessories for your particular application. 


Your advantages:

  • On-demand production
  • Minimal set-up times
  • High-resolution photo quality
  • No spoilage
  • Multi-colour prints and single items without extra costs