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Advantages through specialisation

In 2005 we started to import the first flatbed printing systems making us one of the pioneers of digital direct printing. Our new company premises in Renchen allowed us to build on our existing specialisation in this innovative field.

Today we are considered THE specialist for digital printing and digital direct printing in Europe.



We have sold more than 1,000 direct printing systems over the past ten years and differ from a lot of our competitors – even those with a group structure – by offering our customers more than just the resale of direct printers.

Our sales team is made up of specialists with many years of experience in pre-press, screen, pad and offset printing – they are there to advise, inform and support you both during and after sale. Together with our experts for colour and quality management as well as professionals trained in mechanical and electrical engineering, mechatronics and data processing technology, we have put together a truly competent team that is incomparable in our field.

We provide solutions!

Because of our close contact with our customers, we not only know the general requirements of the market, but are also aware of the individual needs in the different sectors. Our technical know-how as well as the cooperation with research facilities, machine and ink manufac-turers allow us to meet those requirements through mechanical modifications to our machinery, by developing new specialty equipment or contributing to the creation of new ink types.

Solution Finding Process

The first step in our solution finding process is always to consider the customer’s material and their specific requirements in terms of the look and feel of the print as well as the inks’ resilience in certain environments (e.g. indoors, outdoors, chemical strain etc.). Based on this information the optimal ink type for the application can be selected. Not all of our inks can be unconditionally combined with any of the printing systems we offer. Hence, the optimal ink type (as noted above), along with the substrate’s measurements determine the choice of printer series or printer model. Depending on the selected printing method additional equipment might be needed, such as a sealing tank for digital anodic printing on aluminium or specialty pre-treatments to improve adhesion of the inks on difficult surfaces. The combination of inks, printing system and specialty equipment, if required, make for the optimal direct printing solution for both the product and individual application.


Research & Development

Innovation is key to entrepreneurial success. We cooperate closely with software developers and research facilities as well as machine, ink and paper manufacturers in Germany and abroad and participate in multiple research projects. The insight achieved through this participation along with our specialisation and wealth of experience in digital direct printing allow us to continuously take this innovative printing method to the next level.

Unconventional applications

Digital printing is the future. Many of our customers have already recognised this and have since expanded their previous analogue production with one or, in some cases, several different digital direct printing systems.

We can help you to decide whether digital direct printing could also be a worthwhile investment for you, using appropriate printing tests. After prior consultation, simply send us your unprinted products including printing data and information about the required look, feel and durability the print. The sampling or printing tests will be performed free of charge and without obligation.

Feel free to challenge us with unconventional applications, too! No request is too impossible or crazy for us to at least simulate internally and test various potential approaches. Our ultimate goal is always to ensure that the customer doesn’t go away without a solution.

We look forward to your inquiry!


Quality Assurance

We attach great importance to providing both a competent service and reliable products. With respect to our product range, we can confidently say that we don't sell any products which we wouldn't use ourselves.

In addition to product related training with our suppliers, we use internal interdivisional workshops for the introduction of new products and processing techniques as well as for the presentation of technical and operational innovations. This routine exchange of information keeps our staff up to date with the latest developments in our field. This knowledge provides the basis for our solution finding and solution creating processes.