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Advanced Vacuum Transfer Method

Aside from 360° printing of small-format cylindrical substrates, digital direct printing systems are currently unfortunately not able to decorate or label all sides of a product in just one go. However, demand for this application is noticeably increasing within industrial sectors, most notably in the plastics industry.

Process description

Instead of directly printing onto the substrate as usual, the image is printed onto a specially coated transfer film using an inkjet printer equipped with thermally reactive inks. The film is then put on the specially coated substrate and heated up to 140°C. Vacuum suction inside the oven ensures that the film and the respective inks cover every part of the product.

Plastic components of all shapes

This innovative digital transfer method is suitable for processing heat-resistant plastics of any shape. Multiple standard applications, such as smartphone and tablet cases, are already digitally processed as described above. Several industrial companies, including those in the automotive sector, have discovered just how beneficial this digital decoration and labeling process can be.

Do you need to process a nearly unlimited variety of different plastic components? We will gladly advise you about technical details and processing options. Just get in touch with us!